AAO 2021 in New Orleans

Visit Sophrona at AAO 2021 in New Orleans

AAO 2021 in New Orleans

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Visit Sophrona at AAO 2021 in New Orleans

Sophrona at AAO 2021 in New Orleans

Academy is quickly approaching. Are you registered for AAO 2021 in New Orleans?  Whether or not you plan to attend AAO, we invite you to click this link to see our Scheduling Widget in action. Use it to schedule time with the Sophrona team, virtually or in-person at Booth 4548. This “demo” was created for Academy, but utilizes the same technology we would install on your website to provide self scheduling to your patients. Take it for a test drive and see how easy it is to use.

Learn more about how Sophrona is helping practices address staffing shortages through digital transformation. Here’s what we’ll be highlighting at our booth: 

  • Demo our online Scheduling Widget – it’s never been easier to offer online scheduling. Reduce no shows, save staff time, and provide the convenience your patients are looking for.
  • Ask about our ROI calculator, developed to help our clients calculate time saved in the clinic and estimate savings and profit from implementing new, more efficient technology.
  • Win back valuable staff time as referring doctors complete scheduling instead of in-house staff with Sophrona’s Referral Portal. Regain lost referrals that were previously never scheduled, but now can be. It’s as simple as the click of a button.
  • EHR/EMR Consult – want to discuss your current platform or considering switching? Let us help.


Digital Transformation in Ophthalmology

Last month, Enrique Pulido, Customer Support and Project Management at Sophrona, sat down with Dr. Ivo Ferreira to talk about how practices can leverage digital transformation to drive results and improve their practice.

This webinar discussed ophthalmology from an international perspective, pre and post pandemic. Dr. Ferreira shared insight on what transformation looks like at his practice. He emphasized 3 key concepts as important elements of a practice ecosystem to promote digital transformation: core capability, patient engagement, and referral management. 

Key Highlights:

  • Like innovation, disruption is a process, not an event.Sophrona Practice Ecosystem
  • There is no magic wand — transformation takes time and effort.
  • To be successful, you must begin with a robust platform.
  • In ophthalmology, a digital platform includes the EMR (core capability), Patient Portal (patient engagement – element of the ecosystem), and the Referral Portal (ecosystem management).
  • Innovation does not come without risk. To mitigate risk, choose partners with the same objectives as yours who are dedicated to your industry and will make the journey with you, rather than going down this path on your own.


This webinar will soon be available on-demand on our website.  More information to come regarding our next webinar with Dr. Ivo Ferreira.


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