Telehealth Video Visits: Expand your patient reach, at any time, from anywhere.

Easy for Patients

No app needed, no downloads, no registration required, and no need for a Patient Portal account.

Universal Solution

Our universal stand-alone solution can be used alongside your existing Patient Portal, EMR or PM.

Device Friendly

Works on your iPhone, Android, tablet, or desktop and is accessible from any web browser.

Secure, Accessible

HIPAA secure and designed with accessibility in mind for both doctors and patients.

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Harness the Power of Telehealth

Sophrona can support your practice in the short term while preparing for the long term. Our Telehealth solution can help you solve the challenge of taking care of your patients without seeing them in the office.


Sophrona can help your practice connect the dots between how to implement e-visits and Video Visits, and schedule efficiently. Telehealth provides an opportunity to deliver care, even with a reduced staff, without requiring patients to come onsite in the future.

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Do you have a Telehealth strategy?

Telehealth, telemedicine, Video Visits, e-Visits. These solutions are becoming the frontline strategy for many eye care practices across the globe during the 2020 pandemic. But Telehealth isn’t new to Sophrona. In 2006, we were very early providers of Telehealth, offering e-visits within our Patient Portal. Today, we help doctors effectively and efficiently connect with patients remotely, and get their message out – even as that message changes daily. Sophrona is well versed in helping practices develop a Telehealth strategy to meet short term needs while preparing for long term success.

Telehealth Strategy

Sophrona Telehealth at a Glance


Schedule Telehealth visits easily for doctors and patients, while operating remote or with a smaller onsite team.


Operate user-friendly Video Visits where the patient receives a link to check-in from their device and the doctor is notified to join.


Run daily reports on chief complaints, who the Video Visits are for, and how to bill for each type of visit.


Setup secure messaging to accept e-visits. Based on communication, the provider decides whether the e-visit can be billed.


Build a waitlist to make scheduling easier. Patients who can’t reach you can easily add themselves for subsequent follow up.


Review ‘signed’ Video Visits once complete. Billing staff can access remotely and decide on billing. PM access not required.

Billing/Coding at a Glance

Type of ServiceDescriptionCPT CodeReimbursement
Video VisitMD/OD uses real-time audio + video99201-99205 (New)
99212-99215 (Established)
-GT or -95 Modifier

Virtual Check-In5-10 minute check in via phone call, email, portalG2012$14
Photo ReviewReview Patient PhotoG2010$13
E-VisitsOnline communication via portal and/or email99421, 5-10min
99422, 11-20
99423, >21
Doctor-Doctor Consult (Consulting Doctor)MD/OD/PCP consult with report sent99446, 5-10min
99447, 11-20
99448, 21-30
99449, >31
Doctor-Doctor Consult (Referring Doctor)MD/OD/PCP requesting consult99452$40

Table Source: ASCRS ASOA Webinar, March 2020

Video Visit Workflow: at a Glance

Sophrona | Telehealth Infographic, Video Visit Workflow

Connecting the Dots

Expand your patient reach, at any time, from anywhere.

On the Cusp - Tempus anceps est

Sophrona President, Marc-Francois Bradley discusses how the Coronavirus has impacted the ophthalmology industry, and how Sophrona is stepping up to be part of the solution.

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Since 2002, Sophrona has pioneered technology to meet the ever-changing needs of eye doctors. For the past two decades we’ve successfully implemented software solutions for approximately 2,000 eye doctors. Our dedicated team is here for you from onboarding and launch through implementation.

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