AAO 2023: Celebrate

AAO 2023: Celebrate

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Visit Sophrona at AAO 2023: Celebrate

Sophrona is set to attend AAO 2023: Celebrate in San Francisco. Are you planning to join us?

Arrange a meeting with our team or swing by Booth 6160 to discover how we’re aiding practices in streamlining referrals and simplifying online scheduling.

According to Market Scope, US ophthalmologists reported that ophthalmic procedures grew 1.7% in Q1-2023 compared with the same quarter in 2022. Year-over-year performance varied across subspecialties, ranging from 11.5% growth for glaucoma surgery to a 10.9% decrease for refractive procedures.

Improving the ease and efficiency of receiving patient referrals can have several benefits, especially in an aging environment where the demand for ophthalmic procedures is growing.

Here are some potential opportunities that impact the bottom line for practices that focus on their referral funnel:

    • Increased Patient Volume: By streamlining the referral process, practices can attract more patients referred by primary care physicians, optometrists, and other healthcare providers. This can result in a higher patient volume, leading to increased revenue and growth opportunities.
    • Optimized Resource Allocation: Efficient referral management allows practices to allocate their resources more effectively. Staff can focus on providing high-quality patient care rather than spending excessive time on administrative tasks, such as processing referrals.
    • Competitive Advantage: Practices that make it easy for referring providers to send patients their way may gain a competitive advantage over those with more cumbersome referral processes. This can help maintain or expand the practice’s market share.
    • Data Analysis Opportunities: With an efficient referral system in place, practices can collect and analyze data on referral sources, patient demographics, and referral outcomes. This data can be used to make informed decisions about marketing strategies, resource allocation, and expansion plans.
    • Revenue Diversification: By accepting referrals from various sources and subspecialties, practices can diversify their revenue streams. This can be particularly valuable during economic downturns or when specific areas of ophthalmology experience fluctuations in demand.

Efforts to improve the referral process also lead to:

    • Enhanced Reputation: Practices that are known for their ease of referral and efficient patient management can develop a strong reputation in the healthcare community. This reputation can attract more referrals and help the practice stand out in the competitive market.
    • Improved Patient Experience: Simplifying the referral process can make it more convenient for patients to access specialized eye care. When patients have a positive experience with the referral and scheduling process, they are more likely to return for follow-up care and recommend the practice to others.
    • Better Communication with Referring Providers: Streamlining the referral process often involves improved communication with referring providers. This can lead to stronger relationships with referring physicians and better coordination of care, ultimately benefiting patient outcomes.
    • Adaptation to Market Trends: As the ophthalmic field evolves and new subspecialties gain prominence, practices that are agile and responsive to changing market trends can seize new opportunities for growth and specialization.


Sophrona can help your practice seize these opportunities. Checkout our infographic on What is a Referral Funnel, Examples, How to Measure. If you want to learn more about how to create a more efficient referral management system, contact our team or swing by the booth at AAO.


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