Case Study: Maximizing Clinical Efficiency

Maximizing Clinical Efficiency

Laurel Eye Clinic calls on Sophrona to combat cataract cuts through the integration of online referrals.

Company: Laurel Eye Clinic
Industry: Ophthalmology
Location: Pennsylvania
Solution: Sophrona’s Referral Portal

Challenge: With schedules booked out months in advance, the practice performs ~5,000 cataract surgeries annually. Planning to hire two new doctors in 2020 and anticipating the reduction in cataract reimbursement, the team placed importance on bringing new doctors up to speed quickly. Laurel Eye wanted to improve the referral process, alleviate back and forth phone calls, and reduce unnecessary time spent by staff, referring doctors, and patients.

Solution: As new doctors join, the Referral Portal provides an efficient way to quickly load their schedule and make open time slots accessible. Referring doctors can see the next available appointment and book consults through the Referral Portal in real-time. This allows the practice to fill doctor schedules, receive more referrals and move patients through the treatment process faster than ever before.

Result: The Referral Portal has become a competitive advantage for Laurel Eye Clinic, offering new technology to better serve its referral base and patients. Leadership can easily track referral activity and corresponding surgeries in its entirety from month to month. The practice is combating cataract cuts through the integration of online referrals. A well-planned referral process serves as a compass before, during and after patients are sent to the practice. With increasing usage of the Referral Portal, the team set a goal to double online referrals this year.

Sophrona’s Referral Portal

The 2020 fee schedule proposed a 15% reduction in reimbursement for 66984 (non-complicated cataract surgery) and a 6% reduction for 66982 (complex cataracts). Referral Portal can help your practice fill the gap in lost revenue from reduced reimbursements. Establishing a proactive plan to increase referrals means that referring doctors can schedule in real-time when it is convenient for them.

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