How To Create A Successful Co-Management Network

Sophrona | How To Create a Successful Co-Management Network

How To Create A Successful Co-Management Network

01:45 24 March in News, Practice Solutions, Referral Portal, Think with Sophrona, Video

How To Create A Successful Co-Management Network

Mann Eye InstituteSophrona President, Marc-François Bradley, recently sat down with Guido Piquet, Chief Operating Officer at Mann Eye Institute, to discuss how to create a successful co-management network.

Mann Eye Institute is a leading eye care practice with seventeen locations in Houston, Austin and surrounding areas. Its founding doctor, Dr. Mike Mann, has been performing cataract surgery since the 1970s. Even with its impressive growth over the past five decades, Mann Eye’s legacy remains rooted in treating patients like family, and an unwavering commitment to superior care.

For many practices, due to the number of patients that are seen every day, communication can be a challenge. In order to have a successful co-management network, Mann Eye believes that they need to do a good job of communicating with partnering ODs. The practice needed a platform to better organize patients and to allow optometrists more visibility into the process after a patient has been referred.

“The Referral Portal platform lets them (referring ODs) go into the system, send a patient directly and then once they’ve done that, they have a means to look at what’s going on with their patients, to ask questions, and to have resources to follow up with that patient.”

In this 4-minute video, Guido shares more insight on how Mann Eye and their referring doctors are winning by utilizing the Referral Portal.


Top 3 Benefits of Sophrona’s Referral Portal at Mann Eye Institute

Simplify communication. Foster a more successful co-management network with ODs by simplifying the referral process. The Referral Portal provides a platform to communicate efficiently and effectively with referring doctors about their patients.

Better organize patients. Historically, patient referrals may slip through the cracks. The Referral Portal allows ODs to have visibility and access to the status of their referral, while allowing your practice to move referred patients through the practice more efficiently.

Track each referral. Whether you receive a referral by fax, e-Referral, or through the Referral Portal, each and every referral is important. Sophrona can help your practice track, schedule, and manage every patient referral.

The only thing constant about marketing is that it is ever changing. There are always new platforms and technologies to consider. The Referral Portal is helping Mann Eye Institute and other practices create a successful co-management network with their referring doctors.

How is your practice currently handling referrals? Checkout our recent infographic on What is a Referral Funnel, Examples, How to Measure. Contact our team or schedule a Referral Portal Demo to learn more about how Sophrona can help your practice increase referrals and expand your co-management network.


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