How It Works: Referral Portal

Sophrona Referral Portal: How It Works

How It Works: Referral Portal

07:13 12 December in News

Do you know how many referrals you are losing?  One of the biggest challenges that practices face is how to measure incoming referrals effectively.  Historically, referrals from one doctor to another are sent via fax or phone call.  Tracking referrals that come in to your practice in this manner is difficult. Follow through is low for the appointments scheduled.  In fact, the percentage of referrals that go unscheduled is estimated to be 60-70% or higher.¹

Sophrona is helping doctors solve the lost referral problem.  The Sophrona Referral Portal replaces inefficient communication with a universal web tool. This allows referring doctors to communicate with your practice in real-time.  Referral Portal connects providers (regardless of differing practice management systems) making it easy for referring doctors to schedule patients before they leave the office.  Once the patient is scheduled, the referring doctor can monitor progress, communicate directly through the portal, receive status updates and final outcomes in order to close the loop.  Sophrona’s electronic referral system saves time, lowers costs, and increases engagement among referring doctors and patients.

Sophrona Referral Portal – How It Works:


Strengthen your referral network. Analytics inside the Referral Portal dashboard make tracking referrals easier than ever before.  Reporting data gives your practice visibility, not only into the number of referrals sent, but also into which providers are actively referring and who is not.  This is an important feature because the “referring provider” field in your practice management system is prone to human error. In other words, the field may not be changed by your office staff every time a patient is seen.  If not, the referring doctor data you receive may be skewed. Referral Portal ensures that your practice is armed with an accurate representation of your referral network. As a result, you gain the ability to nurture and follow up with doctors to increase referrals.

Sophrona Referral Portal is helping practices solve the lost referral problem.

Referral Portal makes it easier for providers to refer their patients to your practice. Creating better compliance with confirmed appointments and increasing timely transfer of data helps to strengthens your referral network.  Referral Portal is an integrated care strategy that places the patient at the center, resulting in a more efficient delivery of care and prompt communication between providers.

If you’d like to learn more about how other practices have partnered with Sophrona to increase patient referrals, contact our team.  To return to information on the Referral Portal, click here.

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