Referral Portal

Referral Portal

Sophrona Referral Portal

Sophrona’s Referral Portal is a unique, standalone tool for collaboration between your practice and your referral network. An easy exchange of communication between providers creates a faster delivery of care with precise, timely transfer of data. Designed to bridge the gap between scheduling conflicts and opposing EMRs, the universal interface works for everyone. Sophrona’s Referral Portal helps your practice alleviate unnecessary faxes and phone calls to create scheduling efficiencies that increase referrals and increase revenue.

Sophrona Strengthens Doctor-to-Doctor Referral Management

After your practice invites doctors to the Referral Portal, the referring practice is able to schedule patients online real-time, exchange chart notes and secure messages, view status updates and final outcome. Our robust interface also allows you to monitor the level of activity in your referral network providing an opportunity to stay more connected to the needs of your referring doctors. Sophrona’s Referral Portal streamlines the referral process from start to finish, increasing engagement of referring doctors and patients.


No more faxes and phone calls. Referral Portal allows referring doctors to schedule real-time before the patient leaves their offices.


Real-time status updates between doctors throughout the process. Outcome sent to referring doctor to close the feedback loop.


Increased visibility through Referral Portal allows you to see which doctors are actively referring and who is not.

CASE STUDY: Mississippi Vision

Growing Referrals by Reducing Referral Time: Because patients are more likely to follow through when they leave with an appointment in hand, Mississippi Vision partnered with Sophrona to create a new referral process. The result: increased referrals and reduced referral time.

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CASE STUDY: Boston Eye Group

Optimizing the Referring Doctor Experience: Boston Eye Group partnered with Sophrona to make improvements in the referral process, implementing the Referral Portal to replace inefficient communication with a universal web interface.

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CASE STUDY: Laurel Eye Clinic

Maximizing Clinical Efficiency: Laurel Eye Clinic is combating cataract cuts through the integration of online referrals. Thanks to the Referral Portal, a well-planned referral process serves as a compass before, during and after patients are sent to the practice.

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Benefits of Referral Portal

Benefits for Your Practice

  • Grow Your Practice. Increased referrals = increased revenue.
  • Reduce Lost Referrals. Better patient compliance with instantly confirmed appointments.
  • Promote Brand Recognition. Increased prominence of practice brand.
  • Robust Analytics. Internal reporting for targeted collaboration.
  • Strengthen Your Referral Network. Gain insight into who is actively referring patients to your practice.
  • Nurture Relationship with Less Active Doctors. Transparency into inactive doctors providing opportunity to reengage.

Benefits for Referring Doctors

  • Universal Technology. No EMR or health information system required.
  • No Phone Tag. No Faxing. Efficient communication for both practices.
  • Real-Time Scheduling. Referring provider schedules appointment with you real-time before the patient leaves their office.
  • HIPAA-Compliant. Personalized relationships with HIPAA-secure messaging.
  • Feedback Loop. Both providers provide quality feedback with immediate status updates.
  • Information Exchange. Easy exchange of chart notes, tests, and images through secure messaging.

Why Sophrona?

Since 2002, Sophrona has pioneered technology to meet the ever-changing needs of eye doctors. For nearly 15 years we’ve successfully implemented software solutions for approximately 2,000 eye doctors. Our dedicated team is here for you from onboarding and launch through implementation providing unparalleled service.


Sophrona President, Marc-Francois Bradley discusses using technology to take back lost referrals. Download the full length article featured in Administrative Eyecare.

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