Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Sophrona can help you gain feedback through patient satisfaction surveys.

Connect & Learn with Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Better understand patient needs by connecting through surveys. Learn about positive and negative experiences with a stream of real time feedback using patient satisfaction surveys.


Based on practice data, patient satisfaction surveys are sent automatically every evening. Surveys invite patients from that day to answer a few brief questions about their experience. This allows you to quickly identify a dissatisfied patient and respond promptly.


  • 12-15% Response Rate within 24 hours
  • Use as MIPS Improvement Activity
  • Gain valuable insights into how you can improve patient satisfaction
  • Address negative experiences as they occur
  • Celebrate positive experiences with the team
  • Reinforce your practice reputation with branded surveys with your logo
  • Comparative reporting by doctor or location
  • No repetitive info needed (name, dob, doctor, appointment type) because our system already has the information
  • Easy for patients to answer short, relevant questions
  • Export to Excel for further analysis


More on Sophrona Surveys

How It Works

For patients with a valid email address, surveys are pulled automatically at night from the practice management system, based on appointment types, doctors, and locations. Emails are practice branded, sent to patients from that day's office visits inviting them to complete the survey. Because we already have their information, no other login information is necessary. Patients simply answer the short questions about their experience at your practice.


Patient experience surveys provide your practice with insights on patient feedback. Reporting on surveys is possible overall by survey, response rate, and average star rating. A listing of patient respondents with the ability to view patient-specific detail is also available. Likewise, reporting is available with the listing of of questions and answer distributions. You are also able to search by doctor, location, visit type, patient gender, and age.

Manual or Automated


Patient satisfaction surveys can be sent manually, or it can be automated.*

  • Manual: Clients create and upload a spreadsheet of patients to whom they wish to email the survey. Reporting is generalized (not by doctor, location, appointment type).


  • Automated: Survey invitations are automatically emailed to patients at the close of every business day for that day’s appointments. Surveys may be limited to specific appointment types, locations, or doctors. Reporting allows for comparison by doctor, location, or appointment type.

* In order for automated surveys to be activated, Sophrona must be able to install interfaces to a supported practice management system. In some cases, this may have an added fee.

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