Case Study: Growing Referrals

Growing Referrals by Reducing Referral Time

Mississippi Vision Correction Center discusses investing in Sophrona’s Referral Portal to increase referrals and reduce referral time.

Mississippi VisionCompany: Mississippi Vision
Industry: Ophthalmology
Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Solution: Sophrona’s Referral Portal

Challenge: Like many practices, Mississippi Vision has dedicated team members who handle scheduling of evaluations and same day surgeries. While schedulers work in clinic, they are unable to return messages until the next day. The practice wanted to improve the referral experience for both referring doctors and their patients.


Solution: Because patients are more likely to follow through when they leave with an appointment in hand, the team partnered with Sophrona to create a new referral process by utilizing the Referral Portal.


Result: Implementing Sophrona’s Referral Portal allows Mississippi Vision to alleviate referring doctor wait time through Real-Time Scheduling. The Referral Portal also reduces staff time spent returning calls and helped the practice save the cost of hiring an additional full time employee.

Sophrona’s Referral Portal

Referral Portal is helping Mississippi Vision develop an efficient, MIPS friendly referral process. After testing with a small group of referring providers the first few months, every doctor had referred patients through the Referral Portal. To learn more about how Sophrona can help your practice grow referrals by reducing referral time, contact our team.

Watch The Webinar – Referral Portal: Why and Win at Mississippi Visionl

In a recent webinar with Gretchen Kimble, Practice Administrator at Mississippi Vision Correction Center, Gretchen shares how the Referral Portal is helping Mississippi Vision increase referrals, decrease unnecessary phone calls, and enhance the relationship with referring doctors. View the blog post here.

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