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An eCommerce Solution for All Your Practice Needs

Take your practice online with Sophrona’s eCommerce solution. Go beyond eye exams and contact lenses.  Patients can easily order anything your practice wants to offer online.

Designed for Growth

Sophrona’s eCommerce solution offers everything you need to bring your online store to life. Sell anything you like, from nutriceuticals, dry eye pills, contact lens solution, optical supplies and more. Easily add or remove items for sale from your catalog and designate items for promotion.

Now more than ever, adding an eCommerce store to your website or Patient Portal is necessary to meet patient expectations and establish automated touchpoints for reordering. In light of COVID-19, launching an online store is the easiest way to sell your products online and allow patients to reorder with minimal in-person contact.

Sophrona eCommerce
Sophrona eCommerce Solution Patient Benefits

Easy & Intuitive

Whatever your eCommerce objectives, Sophrona can help address the unique needs of your practice. Patients can easily shop for contact lenses searching by name or category, receive email reminders when it’s time for refill, and reorder with minimal clicks.

Get paid easily by collecting payment online.  Increase efficiency for staff members who take phone orders and often spend valuable time playing phone tag to obtain credit card and shipping information.  With online payment, products can be shipped directly to the patient’s home.

Sophrona’s eCommerce solution has been an indispensable tool for our practice during the pandemic allowing us to provide our patients with uninterrupted delivery of contact lenses while ensuring the safety of our staff and patients.

Michael A. Snell, Chief Administrative Officer, Eye Surgeons Associates

Why Setup an Online Store?



List any products that are being sold at your practice in your online store. From contact lenses to eye scrubs, solutions, vitamins, optical, and more, Sophrona facilitates the e-Commerce and ordering process, while you maintain control of fulfillment.


Using eCommerce, we can collect insurance and payment details and run a credit card for authorization. Similar to a hotel reservation, the patient’s payment is only authorized, but not charged until your practice confirms the order.  

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eCommerce-Minimize Refunds


Authorizing a charge provides more latitude in verifying order details, insurance benefits, and whether a prescription is active or expired. This provides the ability to decline an order or reduce the amount due after insurance benefits are applied, without needing to process a refund.


Your patients are already using Patient Portal to communicate and receive information from your practice. Market to them where they already are with eCommerce access on your website and inside of your Patient Portal.

eCommerce Save Time


Enabling orders to be shipped rather than having patients come into the office provides convenience and safety during COVID. Reduce phone tag and time spent gathering information that can now be collected online. Auto generate comments so your staff doesn’t have to input free text and can approve orders faster.


Once items are placed in the shopping cart, the checkout process is simple:

  1. Prompted for insurance and payment method.
  2. Select from pick up or ship to home, and place order.
  3. Patient receives “order under review” message.
  4. Practice checks Rx, insurance benefit, and then marks order complete.
  5. Patient receives “order processed” message.

eCommerce Shopping Cart Process

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