Combating Cataract Cuts through Online Referrals

Sophrona | Combating Cataract Cuts through Online Referrals

Combating Cataract Cuts through Online Referrals

12:11 29 January in News, Practice Solutions

How is your practice combating cataract cuts?

CMS proposed reductions in reimbursement for cataract surgery begin in 2020. Many practices are already feeling the effects. Over the past three decades, treatment and technology has significantly improved. However, the cost of performing cataract surgery has often increased. Ophthalmology Management estimates that a surgeon performing 300 cataract surgeries in 2020, with 10% being complex, equates to approximately $27,577 in reduced revenue. Surgeons performing ~900 would decrease more than $80,000.* Does your practice have a strategy in place to address lost revenue? Laurel Eye Clinic is combating cataract cuts through online referrals using Sophrona’s Referral Portal. External referrals come in steadily allowing the practice to book consults and fill doctor schedules more quickly and more efficiently.

Sophrona | Combating Cataract Cuts

Sophrona’s Referral Portal offers several key benefits:

Laurel Eye (Pennsylvania) partnered with Sophrona to bring new doctors up to speed quickly and gain a competitive advantage in their market by improving the referral process. Booking consults through the Referral Portal allows doctors and surgeons to treat more patients. The practice has experienced 3 key benefits from the Referral Portal:

Increased online referrals with the ability to move patients through the treatment process faster than before.

Growing practice and referrals quickly for new doctors.

Filling the gap in lost revenue from reduced cataract reimbursements.


To learn more about combating cataract cuts through online referrals, read our Laurel Eye case study.

View Case Study: Maximizing Clinical Efficiency


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A well-planned referral process serves as a compass before, during and after patients are sent to the practice. With increasing usage of the Referral Portal, the Laurel Eye team set a goal to double online referrals in 2020. Contact Sophrona to schedule a Referral Portal demo, or to learn more about referral solutions for your practice.


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