Managing Your Practice Post COVID-19

Managing Your Practice Post COVID-19

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Managing Your Practice Post COVID-19

Last month at ASCRS in D.C.we heard similar themes from practices across the country. The medical field is constantly changing and managing your practice post COVID-19 has equal challenges and opportunities. Many practices are focused on how to increase operational efficiencies and save staff time, while also retaining staff in an ever-changing marketplace.

Sophrona can help.  

We can help your practice reduce time spent on administrative tasks and patient-doctor communication through automation of outdated processes.

With Sophrona, you can:

Make online scheduling easier on your website. Patients prefer to schedule online. Using Sophrona’s Scheduling Widget makes it easy for patients to self-schedule without needing to login. Eliminate the hassle of back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

Increase referrals. Improve workflows for your referral process. Alleviate unnecessary faxes and phone calls with the Referral Portal and create scheduling efficiencies that increase referrals and increase revenue.

Improve your online reputation.  We had the chance to catch up with a practice that is utilizing Sophrona’s Reputation Management. Here’s what they had to say (1-minute video).

“We’ve been really thrilled with it. Before, it was difficult to get patients to respond. Now, through my email, I see 12-15-20 responses every single day…Our Google stars have gone up — 4.7 or 4.8…Our doctors are very pleased. Now, to have– approaching 800 reviews in just a few months has really made a difference.”

-Mark H. Holloway, COE, Administrator, West Georgia Eye Care Center


Focus on the work that matters. 

When managing your practice post COVID-19, efficiency matters. Talk with our team to learn how Sophrona can help you improve workflows and ensure your most important initiatives stay on track.


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