What’s the Ideal Tool To Increase Referrals?

Referral Portal Feedback to Increase Referrals

What’s the Ideal Tool To Increase Referrals?

11:43 12 May in News, Practice Solutions

Feedback from a Referral Portal Client…

A practice development tool that helps to increase referrals and grow your existing network can make a world of difference. When Sophrona’s Referral Portal clients provide feedback like this, we have to share it.

“Oh, I love this (Referral) portal. Why wouldn’t these ODs want to use it? They can track patients and maybe get their co-management fee sooner!”

-Liana Measmer, Director of Business Development


Great question.

Why wouldn’t referring doctors utilize a better tool?  Are you curious if they will use it? 

To answer these questions, Sophrona developed a custom survey. The survey is practice-branded to allow you to ask your current referring doctors directly for their honest feedback. Practices that sent the survey have received an overwhelmingly positive response. Referring doctors support implementing technology to enhance the referral process.

Referral Portal’s universal interface makes information exchange between practices easier. No more lost patient referrals. Referring doctors can track exactly where patients are in the process, receive timely feedback and view final outcomes. Click here to see how it works.

Streamline & Increase Referrals

If your practice wants to streamline and increase referrals from all sources, Sophrona can help.

In a recent post we discussed 3 things we can do this week to help you analyze your current referral process. If you’d like more information, click the link below to contact our team and request an analysis.

First Step To Improve Your Referral Process

Don’t take your referrals for granted.

Referral Portal clients are finding success creating a proactive referral strategy that differentiates their practice from competitors.

The key to increase referrals

Providing an easy and efficient way to refer patients leads to a measurable difference in the growth of your referral network.

Contact our team to learn more about how the Referral Portal can help your practice increase referrals. 

Request an Analysis on your Current Referral Process Here

Kristina Slattery Sophrona Kristina Slattery | Sophrona Product Manager / Account Manager


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