Patient Experience Survey

Sophrona Patient Experience Survey

Patient Experience Survey

11:05 27 October in Meaningful Use, MIPS, Practice Solutions

Sophrona Patient Experience Survey

The first step in building your patient experience strategy is to collect feedback. Asking questions helps us discover what patients encounter when they are in the office. From scheduling an appointment over the phone or on the website to filling out paperwork at checkin, every interaction a patient has with your practice is an opportunity to learn more. Then, we do what we do best – use data to solve problems and make improvements.

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Patient Experience Surveys and MIPS

Surveying patient experience helps your practice gain insights and can count as a MIPS Improvement Activity. Sophrona’s survey measures feedback in several key areas important to MIPS, including:

    • Scheduling
    • Staff interaction
    • Wait time
    • Bedside manner
    • Explanation of treatment information
    • Overall experience


The Sophrona survey is designed to increase response rates. Short in length, the chance is greater that more patients will respond quickly.

I like the questions and feel that we receive a good response rate from the survey.  We like to present insights, positive comments, and overall ratings with employees at our staff meetings.  It is good for the team to see real-time feedback and hear that they are appreciated.”
–Cathy Williams, Ophthalmology Consultants


Manual versus Automated Patient Experience Surveys

Individual patient experience surveys can be sent to patients manually via spreadsheet upload. For easy analysis, the process can also be automated for supported practice management systems*. Through automation, survey invitations are automatically emailed to patients daily.

Actionable Insights

Survey responses provide more than answers to questions. Feedback received measures the pulse of your practice on any given day. Positive trends can be shared with team members and negative trends allow your practice to quickly identify a dissatisfied patient and respond promptly.

Ready to Activate Your Patient Experience Survey?

Sophrona’s Patient Experience Survey is available to your practice today.  For more information on activating the survey in your practice, please contact our team.


* In some cases, automation may have an added fee.


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