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MIPS Overview

Physician Quality Reporting System, Meaningful Use and Value-Based Modifier programs have been combined into the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and exist with different labels: Quality Measures and Promoting Interoperability. A new performance area has been added: Improvement Activities.


Every MIPS point counts. Rather than simply meeting a threshold (e.g. 10% of patients get patient education), success is now measured on a sliding scale (e.g. 0-100% of patients get patient education earns 0 to 10 points). It’s a contest; a classroom graded on a curve. Doctors who exceed their peers will get bonuses. Those who struggle risk reimbursement penalties.


Sophrona has worked hard to develop unique tools that help you maximize your MIPS score through automation. To benefit from these optimized features, make sure you have Sophrona’s newest responsive Patient Portal.


Learn more about how Sophrona helps you maximize your patient engagement related MIPS score for Patient Portal and Referral Portal.


Sophrona’s automated reminders help to maximize your MIPS score. Outbound email reminders increase chart views, online patient registration, and prompt patients to complete surveys.


Built-in triggers remind patients who are logged-in to complete actions: view their chart, register before an appointment, answer a new survey, or pay balance due* online.


To help our clients, Sophrona has developed a best practices guide to maximize the percentage of patients who view, download or transmit their chart.

Sophrona Patient Portal can help you with an easy A!


Want to maximize your MIPS score around patient engagement? With Sophrona’s Patient Portal you have the tools you need for MIPS in the areas of Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activities.


Take a look at the following MIPS categories and measures to see where Sophrona Patient Portal can help you with an easy A!

Promoting Interoperability


In order to get credit for promoting interoperability, Sophrona helps your practice submit information for the following measures.

Provide Patient Access (Core)

All patients have access to their chart online regardless of account activation or email address.

Secure Messaging

Doctor’s messages to patients are now what is measured.


Quickly send secure messages to all your patients with minimal effort using our Patient Lists.

  • Select from lists of patients most recently seen in your office such as this week and this month.
  • Independent of the patient having a pre-existing email address on file or portal account.
  • Compose a simple message that can be sent to a listing of patients all at once.
  • Get full score for sending secure messages to all your patients.

View, Download and Transmit (VDT)

Patients may view their online chart via mobile or desktop at any time after their appointment.

Increasing View Score

  • Patients with an email address on file are notified and encouraged to view their chart online as soon as available.
  • Reminders are automatically sent to patients who have not viewed their chart.
  • Patients who are logged in are reminded to view their chart if they have not yet done so.

Patient-Generated Health Data

Increasing View Score

Driving adoption and usage, patients are invited to register online by staff and through automated reminders ahead of their appointment for most leading practice management systems.

Patient-Specific Education Delivery

Sophrona can deliver your preferred educational content online. With zero printing required, we’re helping your practice get to 100% with less work, paper and ink.


  • Save time in the lane reducing technician trips to the printer.
  • Save on paper & ink. Achieving 100% would mean printing or clicking 10x more than last year.
  • All patients without staff-assigned education are automatically assigned protocol-driven patient education based on their diagnosis or condition.

**Also helps meet Improvement Activities.

Improvement Activities


In 2017, this is a new performance category where priority is placed on care coordination, beneficiary engagement, and patient safety. Sophrona recommends choosing from the following easy to complete Improvement Activities. Practices with less than or equal to 15 providers need to complete 1 high or 2 medium weight. Larger practices need to complete 2 high or 4 medium measures.


To learn more information about 2017 MIPS Improvement Activities from, click here.

*For supported practice management systems.

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