Company Culture: Do Something Hard

Sophrona Company Culture

Company Culture: Do Something Hard

09:31 17 January in News

A Glimpse of Sophrona Company Culture

Sophrona’s company culture isn’t something you can see, feel or define in a quarterly email. It’s not written into our operational guidelines and you can’t study it in the employee handbook. It’s an underlying hum that is defined and continuously refined by our team members. From the way we hire and train new employees, to how we celebrate victories and approach problems, our culture is based on shared values. It is a key ingredient to our success. If our team is happy at work, we are more productive as a unit. We are better able to handle the needs of our clients and work toward a common goal.

Do Something Hard

A common yet personal goal at Sophrona is what we call, “Do Something Hard.” We’re not talking about work. We’ve become a national leader in patient-physician online communication because of hard work and anticipating the needs of our customers. Rather, we take up the inspiring call whenever we want a boost.

“Do Something Hard” means to explore, dream, and discover. It is inspiration for rafting white water. It is expanding horizons by studying a new language. Demonstrating tenacity by learning to swim. Improving mind and spirit through holistic health and nutrition. Recapturing the joy of dancing ballet. Doing something hard is whatever brings out the best in us, no matter how big or small.

At Sophrona, this philosophy is championed by our team. We encourage growth outside of the work we do together because we believe it is important to support one another. In doing so, “Do Something Hard” has become engrained in our company culture. We see these words as more than a mantra.  It helps us to refine the skill of pushing the envelope because when we believe we can do something hard, we remove the boundary from the things that seem out of reach. As Sophronians, we see limits as opportunities and we support each other’s victories.

Take the Challenge

“Do Something Hard” isn’t limited to our team; it is an open challenge. We challenge you to explore, dream and discover the awesome rewards of doing something hard for yourself.  As for us, in the year ahead, we’re planning remarkable things as a team, as individuals, and for our clients.

If you take up the challenge, as a team or individually, let us know in the comments.

Want a “Do Something Hard” sticker like the one below? Shoot us a quick message here.


Wendy Mickler Wendy Mickler, Sophrona Business Administrator