The Power of Online Registration

Sophrona Online Registration

The Power of Online Registration

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The Power of Online Registration

Sophrona Online Registration LogoWith the power of online registration, more opportunities become possible.  Sophrona’s registration solution helps create enhanced processes to promote health and safety throughout the clinic. Make it easy for patients to connect to your practice before they step foot inside for an appointment.

Streamline your office flow and see more patients without crowding the waiting room.

Online registration reduces the amount of time spent in the waiting room and the exam lane, because patients complete as much of the registration process as possible ahead of time. With email and text reminders to fill out health history, insurance and other necessary forms, throughput is optimized, creating a more balanced schedule.

Receiving accurate, legible information before the office visit leads to improved clinic performance. Take back the time patients once spent filling out paperwork at check-in.  Use online registration to improve workflow and expand office visit capacity to see one or two more patients per day.

Patient Portal & Online Registration


Sophrona Online Registration Infographic: At a Glance

Sophrona _ Infographic, Online Registration Workflow

Online Registration: How It Works

  • Patient appointment is scheduled.
  • Outbound reminder sent via email / text. Practice sends a confirmation and/or registration reminder. Message prompts patient to register online ahead of time to minimize the amount of time spent at the practice.
  • Reminder link connects to Patient Portal. Link from the email/text reminder connects to Patient Portal. Here, they can create a Patient Portal account or simply login if they already have one.
  • Complete online registration: The patient completes online registration ahead of time, including demographic and medical history. Information provided is more complete. All of the paperwork and signatures your practice needs are completed within the process.
  • Staff can view legible information. Once online registration is complete, your staff can view legible patient information. Staff is able to verify insurance and input information into PM. Medical history can be reviewed by a tech and input into EHR before the visit.
  • Minimize check-in and office time. Day of the appointment, the patient follows your protocol – calling on arrival, virtual check-in, etc. With minimal contact during the check-in process and no need for exchange of pen, paper and insurance, they can be screened and taken to the exam lane.
  • Expand patient visit capacity. Streamlining registration and health history increases efficiency, adding more time back into your schedule. Using online registration can improve your workflow and enable you to expand your office visit capacity to see one or two more patients per day.
  • Create a hybrid telehealth platform. Use online registration as a tool and adapt how to best use these technologies within your practice. Enable a hybrid telehealth platform combining in-person care with virtual visits. When an in-person visit is not required, a hybrid approach allows your practice to safely continue providing care.


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