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Telehealth Video Visits

11:14 20 April in News, Practice Solutions, Telehealth, Video Visits

Telehealth Video Visits

Sophrona Telehealth Video VisitsIn light of COVID-19, many industries are feeling the ripple effects in a multitude of ways. We’ve seen entire company furloughs and more than 22 million Americans losing their jobs over the past month. Ophthalmology and Optometry are no exception. Stay-at-home orders for most of the country have forced practices to either close their doors or treat emergent patients only. Yet, in times of great struggle, there is also enormous opportunity–opportunity to improve and reframe business as usual. As a result, Telehealth Video Visits are rapidly becoming a first line of defense and the preferred method of treatment during this unprecedented time.

In a recent article, Sophrona President and CEO, Marc-François Bradley, wrote an article that discussed how the coronavirus has impacted our industry. Sophrona is stepping up to be part of the solution. Beyond the crisis, Telehealth may fundamentally change healthcare delivery.

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Is your practice prepared for Telehealth?

While this is a new solution offering for many practices, Telehealth isn’t new to Sophrona.  We were early adopters of Telehealth, offering e-visits within our Patient Portal as early as 2006.  We have nearly 15 years of experience in Telehealth, helping practices just like yours enhance patient communication.

The question many practices are asking is, “How do we get Telehealth up and running today?”  

Our team can help remove the hurdles today, while preparing your practice for long term success. There are no barriers to entry — we can get your practice up and running with Video Visits and e-visits quickly. How? Sophrona Telehealth is a universal stand-alone solution that can be used alongside your existing Patient Portal, EMR or PM.  And the best part?  It’s easy for doctors and patients. No app, no downloads, no registration required, and no need for a Patient Portal account.

Telehealth Video Visits Infographic: How It Works

Sophrona | Telehealth Video Visits Infographic

Expand Your Patient Reach, At Any Time, From Anywhere

Sophrona Telehealth is helping practices see patients at any time from anywhere.  Video Visits and e-visits are a great way to continue providing patients with the care they need from the comfort of their own home.  Our team can help your practice implement telemedicine without struggling for months to learn new software.  Telehealth is HIPAA secure and designed with accessibility in mind for both doctors and patients.

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