Sophrona Announces (g)(10) FHIR API Technology

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Sophrona Announces (g)(10) FHIR API Technology

01:01 25 August in News, Press Release


Sophrona Solutions, Inc. announces certified (g)(10) FHIR API technology

Premiere of the new technology as an add-on

August 11, 2023 

Sophrona Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will offer certified (g)(10) FHIR API technology as an add-on to its already 2015 Edition Cures Update certified Patient Portal – in time to meet 2023 MIPS requirements for CEHRT (Certified EHR Technology)! 

Place your order by September 15, 2023 and we’ll take care of the rest. 

What is (g)(10) FHIR API? 

The FHIR API is a standardized interface to allow “patient apps” and other applications to access health information. This technology adds to, rather than replaces, your Sophrona Patient Portal. 

Why is (g)(10) FHIR API needed? 

ONC requirements for “CEHRT” (Certified EHR Technology) include a mandatory certification criterion referred to as “(g)(10)” and without which you will not be able to claim to operate CEHRT – you need (g)(10) to be fully certified and to be able to create the valid CEHRT ID needed for MIPS Quality or Promoting Interoperability submissions.

You will need to have our FHIR API implemented by Oct. 3 if you need to report Promoting Interoperability; if you are a small practice and excluding from Promoting Interoperability, you will still need a FHIR API for IRIS Quality reporting – but your deadline is Dec. 31. 

Why Sophrona? 

Since the primary intended purpose of a FHIR API is to provide patients additional access to their health information – the same health information as made available by our advanced Patient Portal – it’s only natural that Sophrona would offer a matching premium FHIR API. You will have confidence that the health information patients see in the Patient Portal will be exactly what they see via a patient app connected via the FHIR API. Any discrepancies which may otherwise occur with third-party FHIR API software might confuse the patient and cause problems for the practice! 

There is no cost for this addition to your certification in 2023 provided that you order in time, and our 2024 pricing is very attractive.  You’ll want to carefully compare with third-party FHIR products. 

What do I need to do? 

Simply e-mail or call us at or 800.608.6017 to place your order by September 15, 2023 and we’ll take care of the rest. 


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