Online Bill Pay at Richens Eye Center

Sophrona | Online Bill Pay at Richens Eye

Online Bill Pay at Richens Eye Center

11:35 15 May in News, Online Bill Pay, Practice Solutions

Online Bill Pay is an add-on feature that allows your practice to easily accept electronic payment through a convenient, secure method. Practices using Online Bill Pay are collecting balances due quickly. Bill Pay takes less than a minute for the patient to enter information and payments are automatically processed through Patient Portal.  Read on to learn more about online bill pay at Richens Eye Center, including best practices.

Online Bill Pay at Richens Eye Center

Richens Eye Center is a multi-specialty eye care practice in St. George, Utah.  Six ophthalmologists, two optometrists and a dedicated staff serve patients from Southern Utah and the surrounding areas.  Patients range from young families to older adults seeking routine, medical and surgical eye care.

The practice wanted to supply an option for patients to pay their bill online. Thus, the team implemented internal marketing to promote online Bill Pay and experienced dramatic results.

Best Practices for Implementing Online Bill Pay at Richens Eye

To generate awareness, the practice made the link to Online Bill Pay front and center on their website. In addition, the team uses the following best practices to increase online payments:

  • Emails were sent announcing the ability to pay online.
  • The phone recording was changed to include the online bill pay announcement.
  • Internal signage displays featured information about online bill pay.
  • Handouts were given to patients.


Thanks to these efforts, Richens Eye Center now receives multiple online payments daily.

The positive effects also spread to other areas of the practice.

As a result, patients are now paying faster. Thanks to the website, it only takes two clicks to get access. After entering name and account number, patients are ready to make a payment.

Phone calls about billing issues have been reduced or eliminated. The result is less time for staff on the phones about billing issues, and more time to interact and engage with patients in other ways.

Why Online Bill Pay?

According to Donna Childs, Marketing/PR Director, it is about convenience.

“Patients expect convenience in healthcare because it is available everywhere. It makes sense. We get stuck thinking that older patients aren’t ready to move to online bill pay. But we have 2 sets of Boomers, both adapting to and increasing usage of technology. In our experience, there is a group of Boomers who are completely internet savvy, tech efficient and who use their computers and phones daily.”

Sophrona | Online Bill Pay

As Richens Eye Center builds up daily usage, the practice continues to highlight the feature to patients in different ways. Rather than only being able to speak to someone during office hours, the opportunity to pay after 5 o’clock helps patients remember to pay when they are thinking of it.

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