Looking for a new EMR?

Looking for a new EMR? Sophrona can help.

Easy for Patients

There's no need to have your patients sign up all over again. Patients can keep their same Patient Portal account as if nothing ever happened, making the transition to a new EMR partner as seamless as possible.

Preserve Patient Data

Do you remember the time and energy your team put into growing your Patient Portal sign ups? Choosing an EMR that works with Sophrona means that we can help you save the patient data you worked so hard to collect.

Save Valuable Staff Time

Engaging patients in Portal technology helps to reduce overall phone traffic. Keeping your Patient Portal helps free up valuable staff time that would otherwise be spent on re-educating patients on signing up.

Improve EMR Efficiency

Choosing 1 of 3 preferred EMR partners can help to boost profitability simply by saving doctors time at each patient visit. Improve efficiency by allowing your physicians to see more patients each day.

How Sophrona Can Help

Changing EMR doesn’t have to be a big lift that you navigate on your own. Did you know you can change your EMR but keep your Patient Portal? Your Portal is a personal channel to your patients – the place they expect to send/receive messaging and so much more from you. Sophrona can help by saving valuable staff time and your current patient data.


Talk to us. We’d love to continue being your partner and help make your EMR transition easier. We get that some things need to change. But we have valuable insights to share that can help in your decision-making process.

Based on your current EMR, there are 3 systems you should be looking at.

Let us share with you what they are. Contact us today to get a more personalized review ahead of ASCRS.

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Why Sophrona?

Since 2002, Sophrona has pioneered technology to meet the ever-changing needs of eye doctors. For the past two decades we’ve successfully implemented software solutions for approximately 2,000 eye doctors. Our dedicated team is here for you from onboarding and launch through implementation.

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