Sophrona PEP Academy
“Patient Experience & Performance”

Sophrona PEP Academy provides continuing education and certification in the use of Sophrona’s technology for its more than 2,000 users nationwide.

PEP Academy Super User Certification Program

PEP Academy super user certification covers competencies such as managing staff logins, resetting passwords, managing staff portal roles, assigning security permissions, training new staff in portal basics, and helping patients who have forgotten their logins.


The certification also defines an entirely new professional qualification in healthcare information technology for how a patient portal operates. Covered elements include:

  • Understanding security implications of a patient portal for patient data, ecommerce, and, modes of integration.
  • Developing a solid understanding for how a portal and online patient communication become integrated into a practice’s workflow.
  • Understanding how the portal’s 24/7 nature changes staff responsibilities.
  • Mastery over how to support and overcome patient issues using online technology.

Sophrona Certified Professional - PEP Academy

Portal Leadership Training

Training focuses on patient engagement, goal setting, and use of internal best practices to maximize practice benefits.

Visit the Sophrona PEP Academy website for additional information and webinar schedule.